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May 30, 2010

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How to Make Money

April 24, 2010

The first principle in the M.O.N.E.Y. Principle is “Make Money” but the question naturally arises: how to make money?

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What is the M.O.N.E.Y. Principle?

April 23, 2010

How to Achieve Financial Success in the Midst of Global Financial Meltdown

* * * * *

Table of Contents
M ake Money (How to Invest Wisely)
O vercome Overspending (How to Budget Properly and Smartly)
N egate Negativity (How to Get Out of Debt/Credit)
E conomize Everything (How to Conserve Energy and to be Innovative)
Y oke Yourself (How to Live a Healthy and Peaceful Life)
* * * * *
However, despite the financial disaster, we should keep in mind that those who were forewarned and remained liquid, survived the Great Depression and recovered. In fact, during the Depression decade of the 1930s over ten thousand Americans became millionaires (the equivalent of $10 million in today’s dollars. They saw the warning signs before the 1929 crash, preserved their cash, and got out of debt, stocks, and investment real estate before the collapse of prices. They were then in a position to acquire quality real estate, equities in solid companies, and other undervalued investments at a fraction of their previous price. – Grant R. Jeffrey

We all know that money is not everything but if we failed to control it and we let money to control us then it will surely ruin everything in our lives. For the love of money is a root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Timothy 6:10). Don’t be enslaved by money. Let money be your slave. Learning the right principles in making, saving and spending money is not an easy task for it involves our whole being. I hope that what is written below will help you to achieve financial success in the midst of global financial crisis.

Make Money (How to Invest Wisely)
Before you can save your money, you must learn how to earn or make money beyond your basic needs

*Set your financial goals and do it
-Calculate your net worth (assets – liabilities = net worth)
-Do not invest in real estate, stock market, etc. during the time of economic collapse.
-Open an investment or saving account
-Deposit the 10% (or better 20%) of your net income to your savings account in bank (or in your own safe vault, jar, piggybank, etc.) immediately after you received it.
-Invest in gold or silver coins

*Get a better job
-Have an employment based on your college degree or vocational course
-Get a job which you really like and you are happy to work with

*Look for an extra income through business opportunities
-Build a website or blogsite and add advertisements from or from
-Buy and sell (clothes, jewelry, gadgets, books, appliances, land, house & lot, etc.)
-Open a sari-sari store or grocery store, restaurant, bakery, hardware store, etc.


Overcome Overspending (How to Budget Properly and Smartly)
We must not let our money to control us by controlling the way we spend our money.
You must remember that we are not the gods of our possession and money. We are just stewards who have been entrusted by God with our financial resources. We are accountable in all that we do.

*Prioritize your family needs
-Always talk with your spouse or husband about your money
-Living below your means by distinguishing wants and needs and by knowing what really brings you self-fulfillment
-Try not to watch a TV for a week (if you can not do it, try to watch only news every night).
-Try not to eat out or dine out for a week (if you can not do it, try to look for a restaurant which offers buffet, lunch specials, family night special, etc. and don’t forget to use your free coupons).
-Always try to cook food at home instead of eating at a fast-food chain or at an expensive restaurant
-Control the expenses you used in your vacation and entertainment or leisure time

*Spend wisely
-Avoid impulsive buying. Think thrice before you spend.
-Make a shopping list
-Evaluate what you buy by its purchase value and not by its purchase price
-Spend less than you earn or make
-Stop buying products that you don’t really need
-Avoid conspicuous consumption
-Avoid buying expensive brands in a grocery store
-Buy discounted items
-Don’t charge your purchases to avoid temptation. Always spend cash to see clearly how your supply is running low.
-If you can’t get rid of your credit card, you must keep only one credit card or debit card. It will help you to accumulate and consolidate your purchase points.

*Buying books is an educational investment but there are many ways to spend less:
-Don’t buy books which are already available on-line in the Internet.
-Use the search engines of or to find the topics in a book which you need and choose from the thousands or even millions of websites which discussed those topics. Just use your mind because not all websites (and not all books) are telling you the truth. Download them to your computer (or USB flash drive) and read them off-line if you have no Internet subscription.
-You can also save a lot of money buying new books through by ordering on-line instead of going to a distant bookstore.
-You can also buy second-hand books which are affordable with the same title, topic or contents.

*House and Household Management
-Buy house which is right for you and your family
-Organize your house very well
-Learn to repair and recycle your household items by always visiting do-it-yourself websites
-have a garden and plant shade trees around your house (not only you can help to reduce air pollution but also it will serve as natural cooler during summer; reducing “global warming” too!)

*Track your expenses
-Plan ahead of your bill expenses, mortgage payment, car insurance payment, yearly life insurance premium, vacations, gifts, tuition fees, etc.
-You can write it on a sheet of paper or you can use financial budget software

*Thrifty Trip and Travel
-Remove all unused baggage in your car to decrease fuel consumption.
-Ride in transportation with a cheaper fare.
-Stop leasing car every year
-If you have a second car, don’t use it for a week or a month.

*Regularly visit

Negate Negativity (How to Get Out of Debt/Credit)
The first step to real financial independence is to get out of debt.

*Pay all your electric bills and water bills as early as possible
*Don’t delay paying your debts or credits to avoid surcharges or additional interest
*Always prepared and save for emergency cash so that you will not be tempted using your credit card
*Spend for your basic needs the money that you earned from your extra income.
*Focus on one at a time. Concentrate paying thoroughly and fully one of your debts before you proceed to another.
*Practice frugal living
*Read the keys to getting out of debt at

Economize Everything (How to Conserve Energy and to be Innovative)
You can help to save the global and national economy by economizing everything.

*Always turn-off your TV, computer, refrigerator, heater, washing machine, air-con, electric fan, etc. when not in use. Be sure to unplug it all when you turn it off
*Be your own mechanic and repair man. Check regular maintenance of your household appliances, devices, car, etc. Study simple repair.
*Turn “useless” things into something usable such as craft/hobby projects, decoration, display, etc.
*Recycle everything and be creative
*Read the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Energy Savers Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home” at
You can download it in in PDF format at

Yoke Yourself (How to Live a Healthy and Peaceful Life)
Dealing with money is a matter of self-control

*Maintain balance in your spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being
-Attend a Christ-centered church
-Read your Bible and pray everyday
-be always thankful in all that you have
-Keep yourself updated in the current trends and news
-Sleep well every night
-Exercise regularly and eat nutritious food
-Drink plenty of water everyday
-Take your vitamins

*You must be well discipline in all that you say and do
-personal hygiene and health
-time management
-proper attire and grooming
-task accomplishment
-generosity (be a cheerful giver by sharing what you have)
-be talented and skillful in establishing rapport with others
-always make friends around you
-be a good leader and good follower
-decision-making (always do what is right and you will never regret that you have done it)

*You must be persistent in all your work
-enjoy your work
-don’t give up

*You must be sincere and honest in all your relationship
-employer and co-employees
-fellow believers

*You must be willing to work hard and study/research continuously
-reading books and surfing the Internet
-willingness to learn and teach

*Don’t meditate on your problems, it will only aggravate your problem. There are always simple solution to complex problems.



If you will sincerely apply the M.O.N.E.Y. Principle , then you will survive the coming global economic collapse.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest (Proverbs 6:6-7).

But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully (2 Corinthians 9:6)


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